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As plastics recruiters, Molding Professionals believes in the amazing potential of people. We operate with consummate professionalism, having established a database of 30K+ plastics industry candidates with meticulous attention to skills, qualifications, and workforce synergies that ensure identification of the right company and culture.  But we don’t stop there: by examining the character, ingenuity, and intangibles of unique individuals, companies can make bold hiring decisions with confidence and career professionals can invest their talents into businesses that enable mutual success stories.

We pride ourselves on being one of the more socially engaged plastics recruiters, driving business development by tapping into the full potential of leading job platforms such as LinkedIn. Molding Professionals has access to a vast array of contacts and partners in the plastic molding industry.

This includes CEOs, CFOs, COOs, HR Managers, Plant Managers, General Managers, Operations Managers, Engineering Managers and virtually anyone involved with staffing and hiring decisions – top to bottom. We own a robust, timely, constantly updated job list and work with the most advanced applicant tracking systems and staffing and recruiting tools available. As a data-driven plastics recruiter, individual and collective customer insights allow us to best understand, service, and satisfy each client.

We manage a constantly growing internal database of more than 30k candidates – implementing social media communications strategies and market best practices to build a selection matrix, optimize the recruitment process, and close gaps. Each resume in our database is exclusive to injection molding, whether it broadcasts the skills and value of a maintenance worker, set-up technician, middle manager, or a President or CEO. Each candidate is exhaustively vetted, using our expansive network to develop best-fit scenarios, before conversing personally with talent to gauge and validate interest.

Molding Professionals remains in close contact with hiring managers and staffing professionals, as well as people of influence in the industry, with most early morning resume submittals generating interview requests by afternoon on the same day. For customers with available jobs, we source a select few talent with exceptional qualifications and provide each list after comprehensive due diligence. Our idea of the perfect match includes not only the right skills, talents, and accomplishments, but insight into personality traits, character, and cultural compatibility. We deliver the right people with the right mindset, and the measured potential to contribute a healthy ROI.

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Our 3 Guiding Principles

Work with those who are passionate about their businesses

We leverage your passion for offering or discovering new opportunities, and focus it into actionable strategies. We work tirelessly with company owners, hiring managers, and HR managers to bring top talent to where it’s needed the most.

 Demonstrate a professional and thoughtful work ethic

Your time is valuable; and increasingly scarce in today’s corporate world. Our client roster is never too full and our resources never overextended. You’ll benefit from strong responsiveness, proactivity, and follow-through in realizing your personalized employment solution. We don’t waste time: we’ll find the right long-term match for candidate and company.

Maintain equitability between clients and employers

No one is left behind. Candidates and companies enjoy the same amount of attention and investment. Our knowledge, insight, and consultative services are part of a process that works at its best when it’s accessible and collaborative.

Our Process

From start to finish, our recruitment cycle develops leading candidates within a week’s time, while higher level executives are sourced within a month to six weeks – all at a nearly 100% placement rate. Highly specialized positions such as tool makers, mold makers, and mold designers enjoy the same rate of placement, demonstrating our commitment to all manner of employment solutions requiring access to even the most restricted of talent pools. Relationship building is a cornerstone of this expeditious, effective, and all-inclusive recruiting process; our business model simply couldn’t facilitate quality staffing solutions with a competitive edge without adopting and embracing a people-driven dynamic.

Part and parcel of our dedication to providing recruiting, headhunting, and search services at a level far exceeding that of less client-focused organizations is a guarantee of satisfaction. We want your collaborative experience to be free of stress, worry, and complication. One of the best aspects of our process is how it’s resulted in a virtually unanimous set of success stories. To date, this year has seen direct placement of more than 30 candidates at variable salary ranges. But setting aside the complete confidence with which we offer our value added services, any candidate that doesn’t last 90 days will be replaced free of charge, and quickly.


Discuss the opportunity that you are looking to fill in depth so we can fully understand your requirements from top to bottom, then sign our search agreement (retained or contingent) and let us get started!


We go through a robust screening process to make sure there is no time wasted from either party, we only provide candidates that are a fit with your requirements. With our deep background and focus in the plastics industry, we are able to have more in depth conversations than most recruiters. This makes it a much easier process on our candidates and clients.


We typically provide 3-4 highly qualified candidates based on your requirements within 24 hours to a few weeks, depends strictly on the job position/location/compensation package. We pride ourselves on having a 90% placement rating with our first 3-4 candidates submitted.

Once you fall in love with one of our candidates we review the compensation package and get approval to accept the offer given…then it’s time to celebrate!

90 Day Guarantee

Don’t worry, if something goes wrong we will replace the candidate 100% free within the first 90 days of employment…we stand behind the quality of our placements.

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