Injection Molding Jobs

Your previous experience with a recruiter may not have been the best, typically the biggest issue is that they don’t personally know your industry! Having our specific experience in the plastics industry, we only work with clients that have positions available for plastic professionals like you. Due to this, we know the right things to ask and only discuss opportunities that are a perfect fit with your background. That cuts downs the time to get you placed at a new position because we aren’t spinning our wheels going down the wrong path. As a plastics specialist, we provide the highest quality injection molding jobs on the market.

Some Of Our Typical Positions

  • Operations Director/Manager
  • Production Manager/Supervisor
  • Maintenance Manager/Supervisor
  • Process Manager/Engineer
  • C-Level (all)
  • Project Manager/Engineer
  • Program Manager/Engineer
  • Sales Manager/Engineer

Quality Companies

We work with some of the biggest players in the plastic manufacturing space and with a significant amount of injection molding jobs. Whether it’s a custom molder or an OEM making their own product…we have a vast range of experience on both sides of the coin.. Due to that experience we have the ability to discuss opportunities in-depth and assist with your continued career growth in the plastics industry. Additionally, as a national recruiter we place candidates all over the US so there are many more potential opportunities we can provide as your career and personal life goals change. See below for a full range of our injection molding jobs.

Our Open Positions

If you see something that piques your interest, just hit the “apply job” button at the bottom of the job posting page and shoot us an email!

Didn't Find It?

If you didn’t find anything that’s a fit, feel free to reach out to us so we can have your information on file…we’ll hit you up once we have a match!

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