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With so many choices for your plastics industry recruiter needs, it’s a daunting task to find someone that’s qualified to deliver the quality of service that you require. What makes the process so much more difficult is that most recruiters don’t know ANYTHING about your plastics business or plastics background. We saw a need and jumped on the opportunity to serve this niche injection molding / plastics market years ago, and never go outside of that focus that founded us.

Molding Professionals is a renowned national recruiting, headhunting, business development, and search firm serving a wide variety of plastic injection molding companies across the United States. As are a 100% woman-owned plastics industry recruiter distinguished by strong plastics acumen and outstanding relationship building abilities, we thrive on the opportunity to place highly qualified candidates that will make a difference in your business. Whether you’re looking for employment or top talent, we’re excited to show you how our combination of value added services and above-and-beyond mentality can help achieve complex business goals in timely fashion.

Molding Professionals is a values-rich and culture-focused plastics industry recruiter that prides itself on striking the perfect balance between experience, knowledge, ethics, and passion to accomplish each customer’s hiring and employment objectives in the most impactful, lasting manner possible. Jill Felix brings with her a well-earned reputation for impeccable interpersonal skills and relationship building, cementing Molding Professionals’ identity as a team-focused collaborative with the kind of customer service standards other companies strive to emulate.

Her experience as a woman business owner championing profitable, progressive corporate growth in the plastics recruiting space is complemented by strong performances as the senior-most plastics recruiter and search professional for two additional high-profile search groups. Her ability to source and manage exceptional talent is the product of solid, tactical leadership and human resources expertise coupled with an impressive business background, fierce entrepreneurial spirit, and an unwavering commitment to achieving corporate goals.

Jill Felix is highly regarded for establishing a strong rapport among corporate leaders, HR management, hiring managers, and job candidates – offering consultative, employment, and comprehensive research-centered resources to all parties equally, ensuring informed decision-making in an all-inclusive manner. She’s built her reputation on delivering national recruiting services, headhunting, business development, and search campaigns that facilitate the right professional and personal fit as a long-term solution, with both candidate and company reaping the benefits.

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